Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series LE

Maker's Mark FAE-01

FAE-01 Wood Finishing Series Limited Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 750ml Bottle
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An impressive and exciting limited edition whiskey imbued with the distinctive, rich aroma of Maker's Mark's iconic barrel warehouse, the third installment of the Wood Finishing Series is a charismatic and considered bourbon that accentuates and amplifies the raw woodiness and natural power of Maker's through a unique 'half-seared' stave process.

Maker's Mark FAE-01

Warm and Woody

A slight variation on the classic Maker's Mark stave finishing process, the FAE-01 'half-sears' a selection of carefully handpicked staves to produce a more full-bodied and intense woodiness. Bottled at cask strength (110.6 proof), this pronounced and punchy straight bourbon whiskey accentuates and amplifies the natural, raw finishing process and highlights earthy aromas alongside subtle smoke and tobacco, making for a remarkably well-rounded and interesting flavor profile.

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Limited and luxurious

Presenting an initial heat that introduces itself immediately (due to its high proof), the fiery start is followed by hearty wood and earthy aromas which complement subtle tobacco notes and foregrounded dark stone fruits, before giving way to a long, creamy finish that lingers with faint, cask-strength heat.

"This is, quite frankly, delicious. I wasn’t sure if it would taste young or unfinished or weird. Like not ready for prime time, or somehow muddled, but it is not. Not at all. More fruit comes out on the finish, more cherries and also papaya, as weird as it sounds."

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