Old Fitzgerald Prime 80 Proof Bourbon

Old Fitzgerald Prime 80 Proof Bourbon

Prime Bourbon 1lt bottle
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Highly sought-after and impossibly rare outside of Kentucky due to its extremely limited availability, Old Fitz Prime is a bourbon for lovers of traditional whiskey, brimming with classic notes of vanilla, caramel, baking spice and cinnamon.

Old Fitzgerald Prime 80 Proof Bourbon

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A stone's throw from the revered Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond series, the Old Fitzgerald Prime 80 Proof Bourbon is a slightly softer, more approachable whiskey defined by the sophisticated smoothness of its wheated mashbill. Introduced by Stitzel-Weller in the early 1900's, Old Fitzgerald has stood the test of time, and today is one of the most refined and renowned bourbons produced in Kentucky.

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Classic and Considered

Nose: Sweet vanilla, bubblegum, subtle baking spice and faint herbal notes. | Taste: Strong hints of sweet vanilla, burnt toffee and caramel with cinnamon and nuanced hints of mint coming to the fore. | Finish: Soft and gentle, eases down smoothly.

"The nose on this whiskey is light, corn sweet, and a bit grassy with honey and a slight floor polish note. It’s thin on the palate and mild with traces of caramel, burnt sugar, and wood... There’s minimal heat on the palate, making for a very soft mouthfeel and easy sipping"


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