Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Traveler's Exclusive

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Traveler's Exclusive

Traveler's Exclusive Single Barrel 100 Proof Tennessee Whiskey 750ml Bottle
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A specially selected single barrel handpicked by Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett; released as a travel retail exclusive. They don't come any rarer than this.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Traveler's Exclusive

Bottled in Bond

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Traveler's Exclusive Tennessee Whiskey is a formidable 100 proof bottled-in-bond, sour-mash whiskey that combines a deep and intense bouquet of flavors with a stunningly smooth mouthfeel.

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Smooth Caramel

Nose: This is a big whiskey. So deep and rich at first sniff. Vanilla (of course), soft coffee bean notes, dark leather and toasted oak. | Taste: The palate offers a spicier side, with drier woody notes, but still maintains a sweet, rich backbone. Considering its proof, it's not too hot or overpowering. | Finish: The finish is long and rich, with more of the same consistent profile--vanilla, spice, oak, brown sugar, and molasses.

"Fine drop guys, doesn't get much better than overproof JD. Lots of caramel and so much oak everywhere, mouth swimming in big flavors. Some heat but not too much and a good level of nuttiness. I'm a fan."

Sam O'Brien

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