Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 21 750ml

Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 21

Rhetoric 21 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ml Bottle
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One of Orphan Barrel's flagship releases, the Rhetoric 21 Bourbon more than lives up to its name, delivering on its promise of an exceptional, rare whiskey with impressive panache.

Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 21

Exciting & Immersive

Crafted from 'lost' barrels sourced at the mothballed Stitzel-Weller distillery, this 90.2 proof limited-edition whiskey is aged in charred American oak and is an exciting and immersive sipping bourbon.

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Bold, Clean Flavors

Expect bold notes of cherry and vanilla at the forefront, with more clean, fruit-forward flavors throughout the body and into the finish. A subtle spice closes out the finish on this exceptionally smooth and altogether drinkable Kentucky straight whiskey.

"It won’t weigh you down. In fact, it brought to mind the “less filling/tastes great” debates of the ‘80s…in the best possible way."

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