Jack Daniel's Master Distiller No. 2

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller 2

Master Distiller Series Limited Edition No. 2 Tennessee Whiskey 1lt bottle
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The second release in Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Series, the No. 2 pays tribute to Jess Motlow who oversaw the distillery throughout the prohibition era. 

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller 2

A Punchy Prohibition Proof

In keeping with the prohibition styled theme, the Master Distiller No. 2 is bottled at a slightly higher, punchier 86 proof, that's exceptionally balanced and complex.

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Terrific Travel Exclusive

Reserved as a travel exclusive release and dating back to 2013, this archive limited edition offering brings a rich amber hue full of nutty sweetness, subtle oak and dry spice.

"Deserves the masterful name, outrageously good tenn whisky. top notch"

Joe Holden

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