Nikka G&G Samurai Whisky

Nikka G&G Samurai Whisky

G&G Gold & Gold Samurai Edition Blended Whisky 750ml bottle
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Presented in an eye-catching decanter that's guaranteed to start conversation, Nikka's G&G Samurai Edition Blended Whisky is just as impressive as it looks.

Nikka G&G Samurai Whisky

Travel Exclusive

Originally limited to the Japanese travel retail market, the G&G Samurai Edition hails from the Yoichi distillery and is an extremely collectible Nikka bottling, having been previously discontinued and largely unavailable outside of Japan.

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A Fighting Whisky

Bottled at 86 proof from a blend of pot still and coffey still malt whiskies, expect a fruit-forward profile full of citrus, peach that gives way to sweet vanilla, cereal and cake, before an earthy finish that combines peat, tobacco smoke and grass.

"Such a great looking bottle, I couldn't say no to picking one of these up! Doesn't taste half bad either, overall a very good whisky!"

Mark Hughes

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