Jack Daniel's Master Distiller No 3

Jack Daniel's Master Distiller No 3

Master Distiller Series Limited Edition No. 3 Tennessee Whiskey 1lt bottle
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The third edition of Jack Daniel's acclaimed Master Distiller Series, No. 3 celebrates Lee Tolley, whose 23-year tenure post-prohibition was one of the most influential in JD history and had a huge impact on modern Tennessee whiskey.

Tolley's Bourbon Influence

Here, the presence of bourbon is prominent, with Tolley renowned for bringing Jack Daniel's profile closer to the iconic Kentucky spirit. Malt and oak are noticeable, however, the classic JD body prevails in this 86 proof limited edition release.

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Kentucky & Tennessee

Expect over-ripe banana, sweet chocolate and corn notes that intertwine with metallic sage and faint smoke, a trademark of Jack Daniel's body of work. Some pepper and liquorice round out the finish with more banana and chocolate.

"Smoke and oak, fantastic Tennessee whiskey in the same vein as classic bourbon - very good"

Dan Caruthers

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