Bookers Little Book Chapter 3

Little Book Chapter 3

Little Book Chapter 3 The Road Home Blended Straight Whisky 750ml Bottle
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A toast to the art of blending, Booker's Little Book Chapter 3 "The Road Home" pays homage to Booker Noe by combining a number of Beam's flagship bourbon silos and their signature flavor profiles.

Little Book Chapter 3

A Brilliant Beam Blend

For fans of Baker's, Basil Hayden's, Booker's and Knob Creek, the third chapter in Booker's Little Book is nothing short of bourbon heaven, presenting a 9-year-old 123 proof, a 12-year-old 126.6 proof, an 11-year-old 129.2 proof and a 9-year-old 117.4 proof from each brand, alphabetically.

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An Infinity Whiskey

A barrel-proof 'infinity' whiskey, bottled at 122.6 proof and defined by classic Beam flavors of vanilla, caramel, oak, cinnamon with surprisingly sophisticated smoothness.

"Freddie Noe does it again, such a good combination of flavors and a really excellent story behind the bottle - cheers Booker!"

Bobby Bradshaw

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