Wild Turkey Distillers Reserve 13

Wild Turkey 13 Year Old

Distillers Reserve 13 Year Old Bourbon 700ml bottle
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Something of an anomaly at Wild Turkey given their propensity for 101 proof whiskeys, the Wild Turkey Distiller's Reserve 13 Year Old Bourbon is a rare expression from the Kentucky powerhouse that clocks in at 91 proof.

Wild Turkey 13 Year Old

Hiding in Plain Sight

Reserved exclusively for the Japanese export market, the Distiller's Reserve 13 caters to this palate, with the lower proof resulting in an interesting and altogether well-rounded bourbon whiskey. It's a bottle that you won't find everywhere, and hence it is coveted and collected the world over.

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Buttery Sweetness

Expect buttery sweetness throughout, underpinned by a tart fruit-forward body that foregrounds ripe cherry and under-ripe plum, before faint oak and floral notes round out a tightly wound, tasty finish.

"Is Wild Turkey the best and most underrated distillery in America? If you've tried this 13 year old then you're probably thinking so! Unbelievable! cheers"

Harry Turner

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