Stagg Jr Archive Batch 5

Stagg Jr Batch 5 Bourbon

Barrel Proof Bourbon 750ml bottle
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An exclusive 2015 release pulled from our archives, Stagg Jr's Batch 5 is bottled at 129.7 proof and is one of the finest barrel proof bourbons ever produced in Kentucky.

Stagg Jr Batch 5 Bourbon

Decadent & Delicious

Widely regarded as one of Stagg Jr's best releases, 2015's Batch 5 is decadent and delicious, imbued with rich cocoa, smooth vanilla and shadows of the inspired cherry, cinnamon, and molasses seen in previous batches. 

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Hot & Hard-Hitting

Bottled at a punchy 129.7 proof, clove and pepper are present and bring a newfound degree of charisma to the hot, hard-hitting bourbon, with the familiar barrel proof heat working harmoniously with a complex array of flavors to produce a sublime bourbon.

"An exciting and rich barrel proof bourbon, expect the classic heat for which Stagg Jr. is renowned."

Christian Day

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