Blanton's Black Label Bourbon 750ml

Blanton's Black Label Bourbon

Black Label Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml Bottle
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Produced exclusively for the Japanese export market at 80 proof, Blanton's Black is one of the rarest single barrel bourbon whiskeys in the world.

Blanton's Black Label Bourbon

An Elevated Bourbon

An upgraded and elevated iteration of the 'Green Label' Special Reserve single barrel bourbon, Blanton's Black spends an additional 2 years in the barrel for a total of 8-years aged, producing more complexity and a robust, refined tasting experience like no other.

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Nose: Spiced. Grainy sweetness. Some vanilla and caramel butter. | Taste: Light, balanced, delicately gentle. Toffee, dried peels. | Finish: Smooth, medium-length with a hint of spice.

"I can't tell the exact difference between this and the original green, but there is something there for sure that you can't quite put your finger on. Excellent"

Carl Weiss

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