Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Special Edition

Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Special Edition

White Rabbit Saloon Special Edition Sour Mash Whiskey 700ml bottle
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Released to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon in Lynchburg, TN, this special edition Tennessee Whiskey is a higher-proof offering from the acclaimed distiller. 

Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Special Edition

Exciting & Entertaining

Bottled at 86 proof and with a profile designed to excite and entertain connoisseurs of Tennessee Whiskey, the White Rabbit is a must-have for collectors. Expect oaky vanilla and smoky, sweet caramel notes to intertwine with JD's signature overripe banana taste, before classic spice, ginger and peppery notes round out the oaky, charred finish.

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Hard to Find

Nose: Roasted oak planks soaked in vanilla bean essence, mocha coffee spice, and tobacco leaves wrapped in banana peelings. | Taste: Decadently sweet vanilla and hints of honey over baked ginger, banana, and spicy pepper. | Finish: Long, warm.:

"Hard to find! Glad to get one for the collection"

James Denton

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