Blanton's Takara Red Single Barrel

Blanton's Takara Red Single Barrel

Takara Red Edition Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml bottle
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One of the rarest and most sought-after exclusives ever released by Blanton's, the 'Takara Red' Single Barrel Bourbon is an exquisite export-only whiskey tailored for collectors and connoisseurs.

Blanton's Takara Red Single Barrel

Aged 8 Years

A fine sipping bourbon bottled at 93 proof, the 'Takara Red' edition is aged for an additional 2 years than the standard 6-year releases, producing a complex, full-bodied profile that many consider as the best single-barrel Blanton's has produced.

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Export-Only Exclusive

Expect lashings of sweet toffee, subtle pecan and creamy vanilla to intertwine and commingle with ginger, baking spice and citrus before a lengthy, somewhat oaky and dry finish rounds out this complex and considered single barrel.

"Love the Japanese versions of Blanton's, really different to the usual single barrels. More flavor but slightly subtler, must buy if you come across them"

Jack McDonagh

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