Stagg Jr Barrel Proof Batch 17

Stagg Jr Batch 17

Barrel Proof Bourbon 750ml bottle
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The last ever Stagg Jr, Batch 17, released in Winter 2021, is the final 'Jr' instalment and one of Buffalo Trace distillery's finest ever barrel proof bourbons.

Stagg Jr Batch 17

Punchy but Approachable

A punchy yet approachable barrel proof bourbon that weighs in at a healthy 128.7 proof, Stagg Jr's Batch 17 is both a scorcher and smooth, sweet-talker that's perfectly tuned for lovers of Stagg Jr's most memorable offerings.

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Intriguing Cherry Cola

Expect a profile swimming with sweet vanilla, caramel and molasses, as well as an intriguing 'cherry cola' aroma that intertwines with the classic oaky nuttiness for which Stagg's finish is renowned.

""Overall, Stagg Jr. Batch 17 is more of the same, with just enough tweaks to make it a satisfying and continually interesting pour. At this point it’s not a question if you should buy a batch if you see one.""

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