Eagle Rare 10

Eagle Rare 10 Bourbon

10 Kentucky Straight Bourbon 700ml Bottle
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The name says it all. Eagle Rare's 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a highly sought-after, cult status collector's item, exceptionally refined and remarkably sophisticated.

Eagle Rare 10 Bourbon

Dual Barrel Bourbon

Ever-popular and ever-elusive; this complex and considered 'dual-barrel' bourbon is one of Buffalo Trace's finest whiskeys with a bouquet that ranges from deep oaky undertones and smooth, smoky heat to nuanced hints of sweet toffee and creamy vanilla.

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Sweet and smooth

Nose: Meltingly sweet hints of vanilla, fresh oak and toffee over shaved orange peel essence. | Taste: Warm delights of cinnamon sticks melted with butterscotch toffee and dried herbs. | Finish: Medium-long, dry.

"Hints of vanilla and some chocolatey leather notes. Heavy butterscotch, with some alcohol and heat, More chocolate. Medium finish, I would probably open it up with a drop or two of water next time."

Anthony McInnes

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