Weller Special 750ml

Weller Special 750ml

Special Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml Bottle
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One of the most coveted wheated bourbons in production, the Special Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from W.L. Weller is a superbly smooth and remarkably balanced non-age stated bourbon that clocks in at 90 proof.

Weller Special 750ml

A 'Wheated' Wonder

With its unique wheat composition, the Special Reserve boasts a softer, more delicate tasting experience defined by strong notes of honey and butterscotch with a hint of citrus and oaky wood. A relative of the eye-wateringly exclusive Van Winkle line, the Special Reserve from W.L. Weller is a beautifully crafted Kentucky Bourbon at a fraction of the price, and an essential for connoisseurs who prefer to sip their whiskey straight.

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Rare and Refined

Nose: Surprising for a 90 proofer. Hints of apple, caramel, honey and a dab of vanilla. A light oak aroma also mixes in. An overall sweetness envelopes the whole package. | Taste: The wheat makes this bourbon sweet and a very pleasant sip. The vanilla and caramels really come through more as they hit the tongue. It’s not a very complex sip, but at least a pleasant one. | Finish: The oak comes through during the finish and provides a bit of warmth to the sip.

"Is becoming harder to find than Blanton’s! I think it’s pretty much on par and is a fair bit cheaper. I’m stocking up while I still can."

James McDonald

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