Taylor Small Batch Bourbon 750ml

Taylor Small Batch Bourbon 750ml

Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml bottle

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A devilish sipping whiskey that blends beautiful flavor profiles, a delicate, smooth mouthfeel and an abundance of charisma, Colonel E. H. Taylor's Small Batch Bourbon is one of the finest Kentucky whiskeys to come out of the Buffalo Trace Distillery and a small batch collector's dream.

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Bottled in Bond Brilliance

One of the most celebrated small-batch bourbons of recent years, Colonel E. H. Taylor's Small Batch Bourbon is a truly remarkable bourbon whiskey informed by the distillery's strong history of tradition. Handpicked from the finest barrels in Taylor's one-hundred-year-old warehouse, each batch possesses a truly distinctive blend that boasts one of the smoothest finishes on the market.

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Smooth sipper

Nose: Caramel apples, fresh corn and cloves. Butterscotch sneaks in after a while. | Taste: More corn sweetness, mixed with slight spiciness of rye and cinnamon | Finish: Medium and very rich with creamy vanilla.

"Alongside Henry McKenna's Bottled in Bond 10 year old, this small batch has to be my absolute favorite sipper. So smooth and subtle, light vanilla just everything you want in a bourbon. Reminds me slightly of a cognac with its smoothness. Excellent."

Renee Shaw

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