Jameson Rarest Vintage 2015 Irish Whiskey

Jameson Rarest Vintage 2015 Irish Whiskey

Rarest Vintage Reserve Irish Whiskey 700ml bottle

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The Jameson Rarest Vintage 2015 is the magnum opus of Jameson's Irish Whiskey Catalog, an uber-limited one-off produced at the New Midleton Distillery and a unique blend of some of their oldest and rarest whiskies.

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A Deep Character

Bottled at 92 proof, the 2015 Rarest Vintage is non-age-stated but draws on reserves as old as 20 years, including a remarkably unique blend of pot still distillate that was aged in a port pipe, creating a deep character rich with sherried port.

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One of the Rarest Ever

As the name suggests, this is one of the rarest Irish whiskies ever produced, and with a complex palate that ranges from ripe nectarine and sweet melon to vanilla bean and the spice of nutmeg.

"Superb, best thing jameson's ever done"

Terry McAfferty

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