Kah Blanco Ceramic Skull Tequila

Kah Blanco Ceramic Skull Tequila

Tequila Blanco Ceramic Skull 700ml decanter

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A handcrafted blanco tequila presented in an eye-catching ceramic skull decanter, Kah Tequila Blanco is a formidable agave spirit and the perfect tequila for Halloween this year.

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Unique 80-Proof

Expect a unique sweetness that underpins warm vanilla, subtle citrus and dry peppery heat, bottled at 80-proof.

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A Classic Agave Spirit

Scents of dry white pepper over stewed agave and crushed herbs greet the nose along with layers of earthen grasses, vanilla, and a kiss of mint. The taste writhes with bites of alcohol and pepper over fresh agave, wet earth, and vanilla soaked citrus

"Stunning piece to own, glad I have added to my collection"

Ralph Jones

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