Red Line x Frootbat 'Toastbusters'

Red Line x Frootbat 'Toastbusters' Toasted Single Barrel Bourbon

x Frootbat 'Toastbusters' Single Barrel Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon Whiskey 750ml Bottle
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The first ever Frootbat single barrel pick, the 'Toastbusters' Red Line Toasted Barrel is an extremely limited single barrel bourbon whiskey, aged 6 years and bottled at a punchy 118-proof. 

Red Line x Frootbat 'Toastbusters' Toasted Single Barrel Bourbon

118-Proof Private Barrel

With a total yield of 114 bottles, this 118-proof, 6-year-old single barrel select is a rare, one-off release and has been painstakingly selected by the expert team at Frootbat in collaboration with Red Line. Taking the Red Line Cask Strength Straight Bourbon and aging this whiskey in toasted new oak barrels, each bottle has been carefully hand-picked and made to exacting quality standards. 

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Toasted Marshmallow & Oak

Nose: Sweet Caramel & Burnt Sugar | Toasted Nuts & Cereal | Creamy Vanilla Palate: Cocoa & Toffee | Toasted Oak | Campfire-like Marshmallow | Heat & Warmth from Proof Finish: Subtle cinnamon & clove | Creme Brulee & Burnt sugar

"Just received this and I've gotta say, it's damn impressive - really great selection, lots of toasted notes, marshmallow and vanilla oak. Excellent"

Lawrence Petrie

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