Booker's 2020-01E Cask Strength Bourbon

Booker's 2020-01E Cask Strength Bourbon

Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey 2020-01E 750ml Bottle
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An archive cask-strength bourbon from Booker's, the 2020-01E iteration (export release of Granny's Batch) is a classic full-proof Kentucky Straight Whiskey that expresses itself powerfully on the palate with a complex balance of sweet and savory notes.

Booker's 2020-01E Cask Strength Bourbon

A Complete, Barrel Proof Bomb

Aged for 6 years 4 months and 21 days and bottled at 126.4 proof, Booker's 2020-01E is a fine whiskey designed for barrel-proof connoisseurs. A complete barrel-proof bomb, expect a well-rounded range of flavors spanning from soft vanilla, sweet toffee and baking spice, to subtle citrus, faint oak and hot cocoa, tied up in a lengthy, complex finish.

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A Quintessential Bourbon

Nose: Aroma of caramel, vanilla and oak that opens up to notes of pepper, brown spices, mint and cloves with a splash of water. | Taste: Notes of dark chocolate, butterscotch, leather and dark fruits dominate the palate. | Finish: Bold and intense finish.

"Booker’s is one of those quintessential bourbons. It’s well curated throughout the process of barrel selection and blending.This one is no different. It’s delightful and full of the right bourbon flavors. I’d say this one is a win."

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