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Double Eagle Very Rare

Double Eagle Very Rare 20 Year Old Bourbon Release #1 750ml bottle
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A statement piece for any serious collection, the Double Eagle Very Rare 20 Year Old Bourbon from Eagle Rare is perhaps the most decadent and beautifully crafted bourbon whiskey in the world, both inside and outside the bottle.
Double Eagle Very Rare

Double the Age, Double the Rarity

Beset with two crystal glass eagle sculptures, this handcrafted, custom decanter is eye-catching and elegant, and will certainly make a lasting impression upon any serious whiskey connoisseur. Aged for twice as long as the standard Eagle Rare iteration, the 20 Year old 'Very Rare' is a complex and captivating high-end whiskey that presents a fantastic balance of vanilla caramel and warm toasted oakiness, all the while oozing luxurious class and style.
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A complex palate experience

Hints of vanilla, toasted oak and caramel. Barrel char is prevalent while a gracefully aged, sophisticated flavor resounds. The finish is long and languid, extremely enjoyable.

Almost too pretty to open, this is now the centrepiece of my collection. I have been rather draconian in my approach to tasting as it is so dear, but the taste is so worth it! Unbelievable

James Farley

Whiskey Connoisseur

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