Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Whiskey

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml bottle
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Buffalo Trace's flagship Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, Buffalo Trace is one of the most iconic American spirits in the world. A pound-for-pound heavyweight that holds its own amongst esteemed company, expect creamy vanilla, sharp barrel char and complex spiciness which combine to produce an otherworldly tasting experience that beggars belief.
Buffalo Trace Kentucky Whiskey

A taste of history

History is the stories told by those that have lived a life of struggle, courage, and strength. The life of America's pioneering people was such a life. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is crafted with that state of mind. As a tribute to the rugged strength of the American people, this whiskey offers a taste that takes you to the banks of the Kentucky River and whisks you away with swathes of caramel, cinnamon and sweet oak.
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A flagship whiskey

Nose: Spicy and sweet with caramel, creamy toffee eclairs, hints of cinnamon, rum spice and cereal sweetness. Taste: Brown sugar, toffee apple, sweet oak, custard, oily espresso beans, a touch of chocolate-covered raisins and toasty wood. | Finish: Good length with sweet spices, cinnamon gum and toffee.

"The aroma takes some effort to pick up, but it is immediately attractive and delicious, with full woody scents and sweeter and fruitier elements as well. The mash consists of corn, rye, and barley malt, and is responsible for the presence of flavors of fruits, nuts, and toffee."

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