Hancock's President's Reserve

Hancock's President's Reserve

Presidents Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 750ml Bottle
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One of the most unique single-barrel bourbons to come out of Buffalo Trace Distillery, Hancock’s President’s Reserve is a whiskey shrouded in mystique.

Hancock's President's Reserve

High Rye Mashbill 2

As rare as hens' teeth, the understated and somewhat muted appearance of this high-rye mashbill (BT mashbill 2) bourbon lets its flavor do the talking, with a sophisticated bouquet reminiscent of the esteemed company it holds (think Elmer T Lee, Rock Hill Farms and Blanton’s).

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Balanced and bold

Expect a considered balance of sweet vanilla, cinnamon, and subtle stone fruits on the nose, before a silky mouthfeel that swims with faint oak, refined ethanol, caramel and cherry notes, before slight spice and swathes of black pepper round out the long, lavish finish.

"Palate: Hancock’s Reserve leads off the front of the palate with warm notes of cinnamon and lighter notes of dark fruits, such as plum and cherry. In the mid-palate, the cinnamon notes turn to pepper and oak with light vanilla notes balancing the slightly dry and bitter notes of oak."

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