Suntory Chita Single Grain Whisky

Suntory Chita Single Grain Whisky

The Chita Single Grain Whisky 700ml bottle
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Exquisitely balanced, remarkably versatile and unequivocally sophisticated, the Chita is Suntory's first ever single grain whisky.
Suntory Chita Single Grain Whisky

A piece of harmony

Clean, crisp and clear, the Chita is an outstanding standalone whisky that's also famously used as the 'dashi' or broth in Suntory's 'harmony' blends. Defined by a bouquet of flavors ranging from subtle honey, oak and autumnal notes to bursts of tropical fruit, the Chita is a quality single-grain that represents the high caliber of Suntory's expert craftsmanship.
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Autumn meets Summer

Nose: Sweet honeyed cereal with slices of pineapple and mango soaked in vanilla | Taste: Sublimely woven layers of vanilla cake, dark gold honey and tropical fruit all blended with grain cereal and cinnamon spices with surprising hints of cardamom | Finish: Medium

"A superb japanese whisky and excellent value for money, good to get my hands on another suntory favorite"

Keiran McDonald

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