Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml Bottle
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A remarkable sipping bourbon that builds steadily on the palate and lingers in the mind, Colonel E.H. Taylor's Single Barrel Bourbon is a bottled-in-bond triumph that combines spice, sweetness, and buttery smoothness.

Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

Excellence Meets Elegance

A stellar example of Taylor's peerless pursuit of quality and excellence, the 100 proof bottled-in-bond single barrel, produced at Buffalo Trace distillery is an elegantly balanced and altogether interesting bourbon whiskey. Foregrounding a range of complex flavors, expect nuanced spice, rich oak and delicate stone fruit hints which intertwine with sweet citrus, smoky tobacco and a silky, mouth coating smoothness.

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A Beast of a Bourbon

Nose: Nose Some pretty spicy notes, rich with oak. | Taste: Sweet and buttery, with a surprising hint of orange peel. | Finish: Very long indeed, the tobacco notes in full effect.

"On the palate, alongside that wood, Taylor Single Barrel proves to be a complicated beast. A huge body conceals within orange peel, lots of nuts, charcoal and smoke, and a finish that at least pays homage to traditional Bourbon sweetness."


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