Yamato Three Cats Gift Set

Yamato Three Cats Gift Set

Three Cats Gift Set Japanese Whisky 3 Pack 375ml Bottle
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Silky smooth and expertly crafted, Yamato's Three Cats Gift Set offers a diverse range of Japanese whiskies finished in unique and interesting ways. 

Yamato Three Cats Gift Set

A Trio of Excellence

Renowned for the soft sweetness and balanced subtlety of their whiskies, Japan's approach to crafting palatable and pleasant spirits is at the forefront of Yamato's design ethos here. Featuring a selection of refined cask finished 375ml whiskies, with a sherry, bourbon and mizunara offering, the Three Cats Gift Set is ideal for collectors looking for variety, quality and uniqueness.

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Floral & Energetic

Nose: Soft, floral, cherry blossom and vanilla. Taste: Citrus and cedar, with faint wood and some caramel. Finish: Medium, clean, slightly dry.

"Light and floral with vanilla and fruit notes, but an extra bit of something thanks to the different cask finishes - have loved sharing with friends and doing tastings"

Jeff Williams

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