Nikka From The Barrel 500ml

Nikka From The Barrel 500ml

From The Barrel Japanese Whisky 500ml bottle
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One of the only barrel strength whiskies ever produced in Japan, Nikka's from the Barrel is a seriously innovative whisky that combines elegance and excellence in equal measure.

Nikka From The Barrel 500ml

A Surprising Sip

Something of an anomaly in Japan, particularly given Japanese whisky's reputation for more subdued, subtle flavors and floral aromatics, Nikka from the Barrel is a staunchly powerful and potent barrel strength blended whisky that will exciting and invigorate the palate. Blending over 100 malt and grain whiskies, all of which culminate in a barrel strength expression, Nikka from the Barrel is an unusual and surprising Japanese whisky that is a must-try for connoisseurs and collectors of whisky's obscurer sips.

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Pushing the Envelope

Nose: Light hints of caramel along with fresh flowers and woody oak. | Taste: Toffee candy, gold caramel, and punches of vanilla over sweet fruit. | Finish: Long, smooth

"I like the way that it pushes the envelope by blending Coffey Malt and Coffey Grain whiskies at the same time considering the crude materials Nikka has available to them, this could be marvelous”

Jean-Claude Uddin

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