Booker's Boston Batch 2020-02 Bourbon

Booker's Boston Batch 2020-02 Bourbon

Small Batch Collection 2020-02 Boston Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml Bottle
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Inspired by Booker Noe's first production site, the "Boston Batch" pays homage to Boston, KY and represents the true spirit of Kentucky.

Booker's Boston Batch 2020-02 Bourbon

Enliven the Senses

A heavy-hitting, small-batch bourbon that will jolt the taste buds and enliven the senses, the Boston Batch weighs in at 126.5 proof and is composed of a 77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley mash bill.

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A Classic Beam Profile

Aged for 6 years, 3 months and 10 days, the 2020-02 limited release builds on a classic "Beam" profile, beginning with nutty vanilla and cereal notes before giving way to an oaky, high-proof heat.

"It will please those who are a fan of the brand, along with individuals who are looking for a bold, high proof pour."

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