Woodford Master's Collection Four Wood

Woodford Master's Collection Four Wood

Master's Collection Four Wood Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml bottle
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The 7th release from Woodford's limited edition Master's Collection, the Four Wood is an inspired Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey expressive of the distiller's expertise in barrel finishing.

Woodford Master's Collection Four Wood

Expressive Expertise

Released in 2012 and bottled at 94.2 proof, the Four Wood is aged in American oak and then finished in maple wood, sherry wood and Port wood barrels to produce a rich, multi-layered profile with steep fruit, creamy toffee and subtle spicy notes.

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A Standout Bottle

Nose: Sweet and fruity with pecan, butter, maple and fruit. | Taste: Corn with sweet maple and pecan. | Finish: Maple, buttered corn and bitter tannin.

"For me, the best bottle to come out of Woodford Reserve and the entire Master's catalog. A standout piece of whiskey making and a great sipper that's always perched on my top shelf"

Gerry Cole

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