Woodford Maple Wood Finish

Woodford Maple Wood Finish

Master's Collection Maple Wood Finish Straight Bourbon 750ml bottle
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The fifth iteration of Woodford Reserve's Master's Collection, the Maple Wood Finish was released in 2010 in extremely limited numbers and remains one of the most collectible and coveted bottles from this range.

Woodford Maple Wood Finish

An Experimental Innovation

As the name suggests, this limited batch bourbon whiskey was finished in maple wood casks, and was a groundbreaking, experimental release at the time, hence its collectability. In the early Master's Collection releases, such as the Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir and Chardonnay finish, as well as the Maple Wood and Four Wood finishes, bourbon connoisseurs hadn't experienced such unusual and interesting techniques, whereas now they are becoming more commonplace.

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Rich & Robust

Bottled at 94.2 proof, the Maple Wood Finish is characterized by a rich, sweet, fruit-forward profile, foregrounding citrus, oak and a syrupy mouthfeel, before a deep, rich finish.

"Got my hands on this and was shocked at how sweet it was, very syrupy and if you closed your eyes probably a great pairing with pancakes. Great flavors and a favorite whiskey for sure."

Harry Goldstein

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