Jack Daniels Angelo Lucchesi

Jack Daniels Angelo Lucchesi

Old No. 7 Brand Angelo Lucchesi Ninetieth Birthday Tennessee Whiskey 750ml bottle
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Released in 2010 as a celebration of the first Jack Daniel's salesman, Angelo Lucchesi, this 90th Birthday limited edition bottling is a historic, archival Tennessee Whiskey that's highly desirable and extremely rare.

Jack Daniels Angelo Lucchesi

90 Proof for 90 Years

Bottled at a punchier than usual 90 proof in keeping with the 90th birthday theme, Jack Daniel's Angelo Lucchesi is a formidable expression of the Old No. 7 brand that's collectible, coveted and a complete example of JD's classic Tennessee profile.

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Expect the iconic overripe banana taste that Jack Daniel's brought into fashion, alongside the same familiar Old No. 7 trademarks of vanilla, caramel, subtle smoke and faint oak.

"A tribute to a legend, fantastic special release bottle and the great JD taste - outstanding"

Dan Connelly

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