Taylor Barrel Proof Batch 10

Taylor Barrel Proof Batch 10

Barrel Proof Bourbon 750ml bottle
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The most sought-after bourbon in Taylor’s annual collection, the Barrel Proof is a remarkable piece of whiskey craftsmanship that combines the peerless and exacting quality standards for which Taylor bourbon is renowned with the fierce, fiery energy of a full barrel proof bourbon.

Taylor Barrel Proof Batch 10

Big Barrel Proof Punch

A meeting of worlds, Taylor Barrel Proof is on one hand a measured and classically appointed bourbon whiskey, aged in a federally bonded warehouse and inspired by iconic whiskey flavors, and on the other hand, it’s a freewheeling fireball bottled at a punchy 127.3 barrel proof.

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Sweet & Spicy

Expect warmth throughout, with vanilla and caramel aligning with the typical Taylor profile, which gives way to soft citrus and dessert fruits, cinnamon and slight ethanol, before a stout, heat-filled finish rounds out the body with a viscous mouthfeel and plenty more spice.

"A little less powerful than previous batches, but an outstanding dram nonetheless. Exceptionally complex from sweet to spicy and around the world again, a must buy."

Damian Johnson

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