Yellowstone 2015 Limited Edition Bourbon

Yellowstone 2015 Limited Edition Bourbon

2015 Limited Edition 7 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml bottle
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105 proof? 105 reasons to add Yellowstone's 2015 7 Year Old Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to your collection.

Yellowstone 2015 Limited Edition Bourbon

Balanced & Bold

Aged in new charred oak barrels, Yellowstone's 2015 LE is an undisclosed blend of 7-year-old rye, 7-year-old wheated bourbon, and 12-year-old ryed bourbon which culminate in a balanced and bold spirit.

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A Mysterious Blend

Dark cherry and light vanilla are complementary on the nose, with toasted grains, faint oak and burnt caramel intertwining with more cherry and some tart citrus on the palate, before a lengthy, leathery and somewhat sweet finish.

"It has some great aspects to the nose and palate that I enjoy and is overall a decent bourbon, the bottle looks like the Old Rip Van Winkle 10 bottle so I can’t help but wonder if that’s their nod to one of the whiskeys in it being from Buffalo Trace."

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