Jack Daniels White Label 1907

Jack Daniels White Label 1907

White Label 1907 Tennessee Whiskey 700ml bottle
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Released in 2013 to the Australian market, Jack Daniel's 1907 White Label is a highly sought-after export-only exclusive that's designed for maximum enjoyment in warmer seasons and climates.

Jack Daniels White Label 1907

Ideal for Summer

A seriously smooth sipper that can be enjoyed as a standalone spirit or featured in a Highball on a warm summer's day, the 1907 White Label clocks in at a cool 74 proof and is characterized by the classic JD profile that collectors know and love.

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On The Rocks

Nose: Oak slates, roasted, with smoked vanilla. | Taste: Deep, dark gold honey whipped with vanilla bean and brushes of light cinnamon sugar. | Finish: Long, smooth

"First time I’ve ever had the White Label, but definitely won’t be the last time. This was some very good whiskey on the rocks. Will definitely order again, in fact I just did."

Jack Landon

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