Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Bourbon

Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Bourbon

10 Year Old Bottled In Bond Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml bottle

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A formidable bottled-in-bond bourbon, voted the world's best single barrel in 2018, 2019 and most recently in 2021, Henry McKenna 10 Year Old is a bourbon you cannot miss.

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Best In The World

The only extra-aged single-barrel, bottled in bond whiskey, this 10 year old expression is the flagship offering from Henry McKenna and in a league of its own when compared to the sour mash. Combining a bouquet of complex flavors, spanning from new car leather, breakfast cereal, and a subtle pepper on the nose, to semisweet caramel corn, toasted marshmallow, and dried fruit notes on the palate, don't miss an opportunity to add the multi-award-winning Henry McKenna whiskey to your collection.

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Consistent Excellence

Nose: Traditional notes of caramel and vanilla play against a backdrop of seasoned oak. | Taste: Vanilla and seasoned oak take the forefront, but are quickly balanced by a good dose of rye spice, a pop of burnt brown sugar, and a dollop of caramel.

"Would definitely order from them again. Quick delivery, had what we needed and packed with care."

Gerry Mcewen

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