Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17

Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17

Master's Keep 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ml bottle

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The first ever Master's Keep, aged for 17 Years and bottled at 86.8 proof, Wild Turkey's Master's Keep 17 is one of the finest Kentucky whiskeys ever produced and the oldest bourbon released by Wild Turkey in the US.

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Beginning A Dynasty

7 years on from its initial 2015 release, the Master's Keep 17 is beyond rare. A highly collectible bourbon whiskey that no collection is complete without, the 17 is an archive, cult-status whiskey of the highest caliber.

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Complex & Brilliant

Hand selected by Eddie Russell, this perfectly aged bourbon is a complex yet brilliantly balanced spirit that combines silky sweet caramel and vanilla notes, alongside the oaky earthiness of tobacco and subtle, savory spice.

"The color is exotic with a deep orange/amber hue — it looks old, to be sure. The nose says something else: Rich vanilla and caramel notes, but with ample fruit, and not a ton of wood."


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