Woodford Masters Collection New & Aged Cask Rye

Woodford Masters Collection New & Aged Cask Rye

Master's Collection New Cask Rye and Aged Cask Rye Whiskey Set 375ml bottle 2 Pack

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A 2011 Master's Collection release from Woodford Reserve, the New Cask Rye & Aged Cask Rye Set pairs two outstanding sister whiskeys in one of the most unique and exciting releases from the Kentucky distiller.

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A Mirror Image

The twins, bottled at a mirrored 92.4 proof and composed of a 100% rye mashbill, are differentiated by their respective, individual cask maturations, the New Cask Rye in new, unused American Oak and the Aged Cask Rye in ex-bourbon Oak.

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Punchy Rye Spice

Ideal for an interesting side-by-side experience, expect punchy rye spice and a distinctive grassy, earthy character, alongside mint, spiced apple and hues of cinnamon, malt grain and sweet oak.

"Two damn good whiskeys, happy to find a 10 year old release delivered in such good condition"

Harry Anderson

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