Jack Daniels Bold & Spicy

Jack Daniels Bold & Spicy

Tennessee Travelers Bold & Spicy Tennessee Rye Whiskey 500ml bottle

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A high-proof expression of Tennessee whiskey composed of a 70% rye, 18% corn, and 12% malted barley mash bill, the Jack Daniel's Bold & Spicy Traveler's Exclusive is a unique and exciting spirit designed for lovers of spicy, fiery heat.

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Terrific Travel Exclusive

Reserved exclusively for travel-retail markets, this limited-edition, 107-proof rye does everything it says on the label, bringing bold, complex flavor and spicy rye character to the classic Jack Daniel's prototype.

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Earthy Rye Spice

Expect an abundance of interesting and exciting flavor, from sweet vanilla, to dark spices, tinned peaches and stone fruits, as well as lashings of earthy rye, dried mint and the subtle creaminess of butter which makes the mouthfeel outrageously silky.

"Wow, can't get your hands on this in the states which is a real shame! High proof and hot heat with a brilliantly complex rye - nice"

Alan McCoy

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