Jack Daniels Sweet & Oaky

Jack Daniels Sweet & Oaky

Tennessee Travelers Sweet & Oaky Straight Tennessee Whiskey 500ml bottle

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Alongside the high-proof Bold & Spicy release, Jack Daniel's limited edition Sweet and Oaky Tennessee Travelers Whiskey is a sleek and sophisticated spirit that represents a unique spin on the classic Jack Daniel's recipe.

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An Exciting Travel Exclusive

Bottled at a punchy 107-proof, the Sweet & Oaky travel retail exclusive is composed of an 80% corn, 12% malted barley and 8% rye mashbill, and aged in New Charred American Oak which imparts an intensely completed balance between sweet and oaky flavors.

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A Premium Pairing

Expect a medium length and clean mouthfeel, with caramel, sweet vanilla and toasted oak at the front, as well as a clear and present heat that is distinctive, yet doesn't overpower the flavorsome body.

"Got my hands on this and the Bold and Spicy, hard to separate them even when they're so different! Great releases for travel exclusives."

James Greene

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