Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Straight Malt

Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Straight Malt

Master's Collection Straight Malt Whiskey 750ml bottle

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An archive 2013 release from Woodford's esteemed Master's Collection, the 'Straight Malt' is one of the most innovative developments in Kentucky whiskey folklore, widely regarded as the first 100% malt whiskey distilled in the bourbon state.

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Inspired by Scotland

Drawing inspiration from single malt scotch distillers, this groundbreaking release, bottled at 90.2 proof and composed of 100% malted barley mash, was a huge success almost a decade ago and remains an important footnote in Woodford Reserve's storied catalog.

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Expertly Balanced

Expect a creamy malt profile that expertly balances sweet and spice, alongside prominent pear, ripe banana and subtle oak notes, and an outrageously silky mouthfeel.

"I purchased one of these way back in 2013 and it was a real surprise to see this available, I had to buy again as it was so different back then - an excellent whisky with a great story"

Jordan Hamilton

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