Woodford Chocolate Malted Rye

Woodford Chocolate Malted Rye

Master's Collection Chocolate Malted Rye Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml bottle

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The 16th iteration of Woodford Reserve's Master's Collection, the Chocolate Malted Rye Straight Bourbon is a devilishly decadent bourbon whiskey that oozes sweet sophistication.

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A Sugary, Smooth Mouthfeel

A fall 2019 release from the acclaimed Kentucky distiller, the sugars of this 90.4 proof bourbon's rye malt are toasted until caramelization, producing a luxuriously silky, smooth, and sweet flavor profile.

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A Standout Release

Nose: Baking chocolate and light vanilla interplay with a base layer of corn grain. | Taste: Dark chocolate that you would find from an 80% or higher chocolate bar and cocoa nibs dominate the palate. | Finish: Dry chocolate, oak, and leather start off the finish strong.

"A standout for the sometimes lacking Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection, Chocolate Malted Rye delivers a sip that is flavorful and unique"

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