Maker's Mark VIP Bourbon

Maker's Mark VIP Bourbon

VIP Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 750ml bottle
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An enigmatic Kentucky-only exclusive rarely spotted outside state lines, Maker's Mark VIP Bourbon Whiskey is one of the smallest yield whiskeys ever produced, with around 20 bottles released in each batch.

Maker's Mark VIP Bourbon

A Classic 'Red Wax' Whiskey

Bottled at the classic Maker's Mark 90 proof, this straight Kentucky whiskey is a meticulously crafted 'red wax' bourbon that's modelled on an 1870s bottle found buried in the Kentucky Bourbon Museum. The bottle itself was once able to be personalised through a Maker's Mark campaign, however since being mothballed over half a decade ago, these bottles are now even rarer!

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As Straight As An Arrow

The profile is as straight as an arrow, true to the unmistakable Maker's Mark family recipe. Expect a warmth throughout the palate, with the influence of wheat imparting a distinctive sweetness that accentuates vanilla, caramel, citrus and cinnamon tones.

"Shame Maker's don't let you send these in for the free customization anymore! Damn good whiskey regardless and a cool story behind this for sure"

Drew Hutchison

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