Blanton's Bourbon Triple Pack

Blanton's Bourbon Triple Pack

Triple Pack - Original, Special Reserve & Gold Edition Single Barrel Bourbon 700ml bottle 3 Pack
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The Blanton's Triple Pack combines three of the acclaimed Kentucky distiller's most iconic single barrel bourbons, including the Original Single Barrel, Special Reserve, and 103 proof Gold Edition.

Blanton's Bourbon Triple Pack

An Ideal Tasting Pack

The iconic single barrel. The ultimate Blanton's trilogy. 

Perfect for collectors and connoisseurs, this trilogy features proofs of 80, 93 and 103, as well as a range of profiles and flavors, making it the ideal starting point for a side-by-side Blanton's single barrel tasting.

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A Bourbon For Special Occasions

Nose: Oaky, dry. Plenty of fruit, mostly dried. Chewy peels, floral. Spicy. | Taste: Complex, enjoyable top notes, chewy oak. Dark stone fruits, deep spices, peppy and rich. | Finish: Long, toffee, drying, warm.

"Blanton's is the best for special occasions.Frootbat always come through with the hard to find selections.Super safe packing and quick delivery."

Glenn Vercher

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