Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition 3

Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition 3

Legacy Edition 3 Old No. 7 Brand Sour Mash Whiskey 700ml bottle
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An archive limited edition release from Jack Daniel's, the Legacy Series Edition 3 bottle is a throwback to pre-1904 Jack Daniel's, a traditionally styled Tennessee whiskey with a classic, old-school label.

Jack Daniel's Legacy Edition 3

A Jack Daniel's Classic

Charcoal-mellowed and matured in the same barrels as standard Old No. 7, there is a pointed difference in the Legacy Series No. 3, which offers an increased punch thanks to its 86-proof heat. Increasingly rare, this highly coveted collector's item is a must for fans of 'original' Jack Daniel's.

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A Tennessee Rarity

While corn is the predominant ingredient in the mash bill, the barley and rye sing through here, with a softer complexion evoking flavors of sweet vanilla and caramel before a subtle spice protrudes with waves of cinnamon and warmth.

"Cannot get this anywhere locally so had to come to Frootbat, great bottle from the old no. 7."

Fred Hulmes

Frootbat Customer

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