Jack Daniel's Rested Rye

Jack Daniel's Rested Rye

Rested Rye Whiskey 750ml bottle
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Jack Daniel's first-ever aged rye, the 2 Year Old Rested Rye Whiskey from Jack Daniel's is a must-have for collectors of limited edition Tennessee whiskey.

Jack Daniel's Rested Rye

When Innovation Meets A Classic

Composed of a 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley mash, bottled at 80-proof and aged in new oak barrels with a range of toasting levels, the Jack Daniel's Rested Rye is a phenomenally unique release that brings new character to the classic Jack Daniel's profile.

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A Nostalgic Flavor Profile

Expect the familiar vanilla and caramel that JD is so famously known for, as well as the smoky oak from the charcoal filtration, but with an added degree of heat and spice thanks to the dominance of rye.

"Hello, cherry cordial! It’s like the sweetened cherry filling atop (again) blintzes, like something my Russian great-grandmother would have made. It isn’t overly sweet though, which I appreciate."
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