The Balvenie Creation of a Classic

The Balvenie Creation of a Classic

The Creation Of A Classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml bottle
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The original cask finish, the finest highland malt whisky, The Balvenie. Inspired by David C. Stewart's creation of The Balvenie Classic, this limited edition single malt release from The Balvenie is a tribute to the pioneering use of cask finishing that has defined the distillery's approach to whisky-making.

The Balvenie Creation of a Classic

American, Then European Oak

Aged in American Oak and then transferred to European Sherry Oak casks, this 86-proof single malt mirrors the original 'Classic', retelling the narrative of this enigmatic, innovative whisky with a modern cask-finished malt.

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One of Whisky's Great Thinkers

Expect a lively interplay between smooth vanilla and energetic spice, balancing the American and European Sherry Oak casks, with layers of clove, chai, malt and toffee prominent, before a drying, sherried oak finish.

"A tremendous tribute to one of whisky's great thinkers, David C Stewart's legacy in a bottle - fantastic"

Geoff McCaffrey

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