Pappy 15 Year Old Bourbon

Pappy 15 Year Old Bourbon

Pappy Van Winkle's 15 Year Old Family Reserve Bourbon 750ml bottle
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One of the most interesting bottles in the Van Winkle whiskey lineup, the Pappy 15 Year Old Family Reserve Bourbon is a mystifying and complex bottle to unravel. 

Pappy 15 Year Old Bourbon

Pappy's 107 Proof

Bottled at 107-proof, Pappy 15 is a complex balance of wheat, oak and complex bourbon notes that results in one of the most exceptional wheated bourbons ever produced, drawing close comparisons to the magnum opus that is Pappy 23. 

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Complex & Considered

Cherry is immediately noticeable on the nose, with berry, honey and woody oakiness also apparent, before a collision of sweet and spicy occurs, with lavish leather notes giving way to smooth vanilla, cinnamon and more lashings of cherry.

"a nice complexity where it needs to be, and a sweetness that runs through it and makes it all too easy to enjoy."
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