WhistlePig Boss Hog IX Siren's Song

WhistlePig Boss Hog IX Siren's Song

The Boss Hog 9th Edition Siren's Song Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml bottle

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The ninth iteration in WhistlePig Farm's Boss Hog Series, the WhistlePig Boss Hog IX 9th Edition Siren's Song Straight Rye Whiskey is a straight rye bottled at 103.4 proof and finished in Greek Fig Nectar & Scratch Tentura Barrels. 

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Only 1,000 Bottles Released

The first of its kind and one of the most unusual and exciting rye whiskey releases in the history of spirit-making, the Boss Hog 9 'Siren's Song' is set to be one of the most collectible and coveted whiskeys in the world with just 1,000 bottles made available in a worldwide limited release. Bottled at 103.4 proof, the Siren's Song Boss Hog can come with one of nine unique bottle stoppers, making each bottling more unique.

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A Potential Whiskey Of The Year

Inspired by a trip to the Mediterranean, the whiskey's profile is said to pay homage to the Greek Isles, with notes of juicy citrus, spice, tart lemon, orange peels and rich honey all prominent, classic staples of Greek cuisine.

"This whiskey will not be for everyone, but for the right crowd, this rye will scream into their top whiskey of the year with little double in my mind. Fans of New York and Trinidad Sours, Sazerac cocktails and Negronis will all shout in delight on first sniff. Fans of rye who seek something "more" will likely be overjoyed. It's a polarizing whiskey, but perhaps the best I've ever had from WhistlePig."

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