Hennessy XXO Cognac

Hennessy XXO Cognac

XXO Cognac 1lt bottle
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When it comes to crafting exceptionally aged cognac, there is no better in the world than Hennessy, responsible for the finest and rarest extra extra old cognacs available on the market.

Hennessy XXO Cognac

Quality x Complexity

Bottled at 80-proof, the Hennessy XXO, is a stellar example of the French cognac house's pedigree when it comes to peerlessly selected eau de vie, with this limited-release aged cognac renowned for its quality and complexity - matured in French oak barrels for a minimum of 14 years, making it the oldest official rating any cognac can hold. Also referred to as Hors ‘d Age cognac, this carefully orchestrated masterpiece is a must-have for keen collectors and connoisseurs.

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An Elite Cognac

Expect elegant, dark hues alongside a summery, citrus-forward profile and the unimitable silkiness for which Hennessy has become famous.

"One of the finest money can buy, elite cognac"

K. Stewart

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